**Everyone must agree with and adhere to our club safety guidelines! Failure to do so will result in permanent loss of membership and possibly further action. **

We take safety very seriously. Every person who shoots with our club, no matter the experience, must go through a safety session and acknowledge their understanding of all of the safety procedures.


When shooting, please remember that you are shooting a weapon. Be careful with it. Don’t pull back the bow without aiming at a target. Never pull it back when people could potentially be in the path of the arrow. Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY. Stay in your lane, and always shoot at the target in your lane (always stand directly in front of the target you are shooting). Be cautious of your surroundings and don’t shoot if you are unsure of where your arrow will go.

We use the words “Shoot” and “Clear” to denote when it is and is not okay to shoot or grab your arrows.

No one is allowed to shoot any bow in our range until you go through the safety session. An officer will watch your first few arrows to make sure you are practicing safely and properly using the bow. Never hesitate to ask questions!

Shooting Etiquette

You may shoot as many arrows as you like, but we do like to be considerate when shooting and ask that if you find you are the last person on the line, shoot only one more arrow. This allows practice to move a bit more continuously for everyone. We will provide three arrows for each person to use during practice. Keep track of your arrows. If you break or bend one, please bring it to our attention so we can get you another. You are responsible for your own arrows during practice. DO NOT shoot any arrows that are damaged.