Weekly Update 10/17 – Meeting, Pumpkin Shoot

1. Our next general body meeting is October 19th at 8 pm at Plumb Hall! Join fellow members for a night of updates, coaching, committee meetings, FREE food and games (with prizes)! We will be collecting shirt sizes for everyone who paid their dues.
2. This year the Pumpkin Shoot is being held at Ace Archers October 23rd at 3:00 pm. This is a great first tournament for anyone who has never shot one before! Plus, the shoot is FREE, however we are being asked to bring some deserts, because Ace will provide the food. If you are interested, sign up by 11:59 Saturday Night!
To sign up check out the link below:
  •   Thursday before the shoot October 20th we are having a pumpkin painting party from 6-8 pm in Plumb Hall. We will provide the pumpkins, the paint, free food, and a space to paint.
  • Also on Friday October 21st we have been requested to help decorate for the event at Ace from 6-8 pm. It wont take long, so anyone interested feel free to contact Brian Frueh at frueh.32@osu.edu.
3. I have attached a form for anyone who is interested in the competitive team to fill out. Please fill it out by ASAP, it was due the 12th and we are missing a lot of potential members! Give it to Ian Fisher in person or email it to him at fisher.1197@osu.edu. 
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